Antique Wooden Mid Century Vanity

Living Room

Is the home you live in today is a house with classic mid century design? If so, you should fill it with furnishing and matching furniture to get harmonious and matching appear. For your personal space or bedroom for example, vanity is something that should be there to correct your appearance every day. Here are some mid century vanity design that comes with a modern and simple style. Let’s see!

This white and brown vanity was performed with a very mid-century design, sleek chair design with tapered legs and small armrests. The table also has the same shape of the foot with white rectangular table surfaces. While the drawer is composed three pieces that comes without a key. The white walls and white framed mirror and stone pots with green plants also complete this unique furniture.

Then this is a design somewhat different from above. This is a mid century furniture looks like two short cabinets combined with a board open the lid. It is made of wood with cool wood laminate colors. Each of this twin vanity has 3 pieces of large drawers and a mirror without a frame attached to the middle of the board. Vanity design is very suitable for those who have a lot of items to be stored. Wallpaper patterned green wave and the plants make it looks cooler.

The following design is much different from the other, this antique vanity has more modern look in silver and white. It’s shaped N with the center is form of a drawer that much longer. While both storage spaces beside each have three pieces of drawers with silver handle. The chair it self also has a beautiful display of cloth flowers wrapped with white shades. It large mirror also provides the flexibility for you to correct the appearance from head to toe.

The last one is the most antique mid century vanity of others. Yes, it is made of wood, with a distinctive design that is tapered legs down and rather high. It is shaped N also, but have little storage space and narrow because it has a drawer in the closet next to the right and have the same size but divided into 2 pieces. Surface is shiny antique vanity with 3 pieces of glass in it. The glass is smaller on the right and left side while the center is the largest section from the other. These three glasses is separated by a sort of frame made of logs. The design of this wooden vanity would be very interesting for lovers of classical mid century style.

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